Friday, June 27, 2008

I´ve been feeling slightly off this week.
Almost as though all of my thoughts are headed in a nerve-wracking direction that scares the shit out of me, really.
Perhaps I feel like this because they have. Or maybe Iḿ not seeing the entire picture...that tends to be the case in my everyday life.
Today, I leave for the city with two of my close friends.
One new, one old.

I intend to spend time with a boy I´ve knwon for years, but could never make myself like.
Perhaps that spells trouble, perhaps not.
As always, we will see.

I find him mildly attractive; thus being the strangest part.
He´s not remotely my type.
But then again. Some of the most fun moments I´ve had have been with men that...weren´t my type.
I´ll post on this later.

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