Friday, June 27, 2008

oh, yes.

I had promised updates on the long-suffering saga of Jane and Ryan.
This evening past, I found myself irritated with my best friend to the point where I needed a serious amount of space.

So, I wandered outside, and placed a call.
No matter how upset I am, hearing his voice has always done things to me that only hearing a past or current loves voice can.
I´ll admit it.
I will never stop loving James Ryan Labor.
I´m not capable of leaving him heart could never handle life without him in it, in some fashion or another.

Jane - ¨Hello, babe.¨
Ryan - ¨Hello, Janie. What´s up?¨
Jane - ¨Escaping the best friend for a moment. Hah. You?¨
Ryan - ¨Getting ready for bed.¨
Jane - ¨Ah. The t.v. then pass out routine, yeah?¨
Ryan - ¨Indeed.¨
Jane - ¨Well, I just called to say goodnight, because I said I would.¨
Ryan - ¨Okay, sweetheart. I love you.¨
Jane - ¨Hmm. I love you too...I´ll talk to you tomorrow.¨

Iḿ not used to this.
I´ve missed us like this.
I love this.

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